Stop!!!! Read this first*……

There is a nylon headed setscrew located on the side of the CCCK. The hex wrench to adjust this is 3/32” and its tension provides the locking mechanism when you pull the choke knob out. You can adjust the ease of release by loosening or tightening the hex set screw, but it is not necessary to over tighten it.  If you do, you can strip the hex head and ruin the piece. A spare set screw and hex wrench are included to help you, just in case!

The CCCK should arrive with the correct tension already dialed in, but it is up to you if you want to change it.

So, when starting the installation, insert the spring onto the rod end of the CCCK.  Pulling the spring back gently, insert the piston onto the end of the rod in the same way that it was fitted on the cable end.   All you have to do now is thread the assembly onto the choke, taking care not to cross thread.   There! You are done. 

 It takes a little while to learn to reach under and feel the knob, but the KLRs seem to be easy on the choke after they have started up, so it is usually just a matter of pushing in the knob after 30 secs or so.

* Disassembly instructions for removing the original cable choke are on the website if you need them.

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