Cable-Less Choke Conversion Kit-CCCK
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At last! Made in delightful brass, the Cable-less Choke Conversion Kit does away with the whole handlebar choke system and replaces it with a push-pull choke rod, which mounts onto the carb, undernearth the seat.

You supply the OEM spring and piston and we supply the rest. It is as easy to install as the KLRACPB units and has a simple tensioning system to ensure postive operation. Should you wish to reverse the process and reinstall a cable system, there is nothing stopping you from doing so, as there is no modification to the stock carburetor.

This conversion is more difficult to operate with the KLR250 as the radiator reservoir gets in the way, making operating the choke rod difficult.

The Hex wrench for the setscrew is 3/32" and the kit includes one as well as a spare set screw, just in case of loss or over-tensioning.


Barrel Length: 1.650", length including knob to thread start: 2.20"

Weight: 1.7oz

Wrench required: 1/2", not 13mm.



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Cable-Less Choke Conversion Kit-CCCK

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