KLR 250 Alloy Starter Choke Plunger Barrel-KLRACPB

PATENT PENDING. This part is designed to replace the troublesome black plastic part that so often breaks on the KLR 250s. It is a direct replacement and will not break or rust. It provides a more desirable alternative to the OEM* plastic part. Priced at a very reasonable amount, it will pay for itself again and again whilst you are working on the carb. 

*The original item is famous for snapping off when owners are adjusting the carb or taking it off to rejet etc.] Each piece is hand fitted to a test carb to ensure that when you install it, the fit is just right.


Length: 1.150"

Weight: 0.2oz

Wrench required: 1/2", not 13mm.

  • Item #: 0004

KLR 250 Alloy Starter Choke Plunger Barrel-KLRACPB

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